Point 65 Whisky 16 Tourer (Senkekjøl+Ror)

Point 65 Whisky 16 Tourer (Senkekjøl+Ror)

Før:17 990
Nå: 13 990

Varenummer: 601438 
Lagerstatus: Utsolgt

Introduced in 2016, the Whisky 16 Tourer in 3-layer ultra tough Polyethylene, is designed by Nigel Foster, to be everything he looks for in a kayak-and more. All you have to do is to try it – and you’re hooked. Even an absolute novice feels like Nigel Foster in the cockpit of a Whisky 16. On gentle waters the boat is comfortable, stable, and easily maneuvered – an ideal boat to develop skills.

WITH ITS FULLER BOW and stern shape to reduce plunging, the Whisky 16 Tourer is designed to make the most of rough water, surf, and currents. It is perfect for day trips but spacious enough for a self-contained expedition paddling. The 3-layer PE construction gives the Whisky 16 stiffness and strength while decreasing the weight.

THE WHISKY 16 TOURER has a a lower Rocker (the hull with less curve on the hull) compared to the Whisky 16 Rocker. This gives the kayak more speed and tracking which is ideal for touring or longer paddle expeditions. The Rocker on the other hand has a more pronounce Rocker (the hull is more banan shaped) which make the kayak more manoeuvrable and nimble which is ideal for playing in surf or for rock hopping.

THE COCKPIT is medium/large and has two large oval aft and bow hatches, a large round day hatch behind the cockpit for access to items while on the water, and the Whisky hatch, a smaller round hatch in front of the cockpit that opens to an under-deck compartment.

Whisky 16 Tourer Rudder & Skeg specific features:
? 3-Layer rotomolded (PE) with an ultra durable PE for a stiffer lighter hull.
? SymmetrySkegSystem™.
? AIR-Backrest™ for adjustable postition and comfort.
? Liftable rudder.
? Easy-adjust rudder pedals with mini-line lockers

Lengde: 488 cm
Bredde: 56 cm
Vekt: 25 kg
Kapasitet: 155 kg
Total volum: 345 Liter
Sittebrønn: 78 x 41 cm
Forluke: 44 x 26 cm
Akterluke: 44 x 26 cm
Dagsluke: 20 x 20 cm
Materiale: Polyetylen, 3- lags plast
Skeg: Ja
Ror: Ja

Hjemlevert innenfor Vestfolds grenser: Gratis

Leveres på din nærmeste Bring terminal: 1200,- kr

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